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Colleges and universities in Italy, sports law courses organized by the legal department of universities elective courses and adult education courses two, external professional sports law as a teacher, the teaching contents focus in civil law of physical culture and sports. Sports law research in Italy has a long history of nearly a hundred years, although the selection of topics, but the research focus is also on the civil sports law. Case review is pandora Charms Canada a major feature of Italy\'s sports law research. Objective to investigate the effect of general anesthesia and surgery in infants and young children on the development of the intelligence and sensory integration of children. Methods a 1:1 matched case-control study, the selection of 0 ~ 3 years under general anesthesia accept non God non heart surgery, in chronological age for 6 to 8 year old Beijing city children anesthesia group (n = 81); according to each case children in the experimental group by gender, age, parental educational level and profession, social economic status, educational background affect the intellectual pandora Charms Winnipeg development of the main factors as the matching criteria, selection of 0 to 3 years had not pandora Canada experienced general anesthesia and surgery pandora Bracelet of children as a control group (n = 81). The Pandora Charms Wechsler Intelligence Scale, Fourth Edition (Chinese version) and children sensory integration assessment table of two groups of pandora Charms Disney children intelligence and ability of sensory integration assessment were adopted to.