Royal Canadian Legion General Stewart Branch no.4


Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to make a donation in memory of a coworker. Where can I do that?

Donations can be made at Legion branch office from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Tuesday thru Saturday. The branch office is located at 324, Mayor Magrath Drive S. in Lethbridge.

Who do I contact to make a Mailing Address Change?

To change your mail address, email address,etc. please call the branch office at 403-327-6644 or go on-line and register your account then make any changes you want. To register your account click on this link Register.


Yes. You will need your membership number, after registering you can sign in and renew. To register your account click on this link Register.

How much do hall rentals cost? Can we bring our own food and liquor? Do we need a liquor license? 

Because rental rates change from time to time, it is best to call the office for the current rate. as for bringing your own food, this is not allowed under the Food Safety Act. You will have to call the office and ask about bringing your alcohol, etc. as this is determined after consultation with the Legion.

Why is the American anthem played before the Canadian anthem on Remebrance Day?

Protocol dictates that the anthem of the visiting country is played first.

How can I figure out what a relatives medals mean?

The internet is a good source for identifying service medals. If you need help in this process please contact our Service Officer or Legion officer.

How can I become a member of the Legion?

You may be eligible for voting membership in a Canadian branch of The Royal Canadian Legion if you are a Canadian citizen or Commonwealth subject and are of federal voting age. You may be eligible for Non-Voting membership if you are a non-Canadian citizen or a non-Commonwealth subject from an Allied nation. 

Does the Lethbridge Legion rent hall space for weddings, funerals, etc?

Yes. We have 3 different sized rooms that can be rented, depending on the amount of guests expected. Please call the General Stewart Br. #4 at 403-327-6644 for pricing and availability.

Where can I find information about a bursary? 

Bursary information can be obtained by contacting AB/NWT Command or the Legion office.

Does the Lethbridge Legion offer scholarships to the grandchildren of veterans?

Scholarships are not offered but bursaries are. They must be applied for at the Lethbridge College prior to May of the current year.

Can I wear my parents medals at a militray function to honour them.

Wearing of military medals is intended for the person who has(had) earned them. Displaying your parents medal in your home or at a military museum perhaps, would be a great way to honor their service.