Royal Canadian Legion General Stewart Branch no.4

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What We Do


Our Mission

The General Stewart Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion exists to promote Remembrance, Support of Veterans, their dependants, their families, Legion membership and the community. To up-hold the purposes and objects of the Legion, and operate within a sound financial plan.

Our purpose

The purposes and objects of the Legion are to constitute an association of those who have served or are serving in Her Majesty's Armed Forces or any Auxiliary Force and of others who support the purposes and objects of the Legion, which association shall be democratic and non-sectarian and shall not be affiliated to, or connected directly or indirectly with any Political Party or organization. The Legion shall stand for Loyalty to the reigning Sovereign and to Canada for the maintenance of the basic principles of the Commonwealth, for the development of a National and United Spirit, for the Ordered Government of Canada and while striving for Peace, Goodwill and Friendship among all Nations, will advocate the maintenance in and by Canada of adequate defense on sea, on land and in the air, for the discharge of those obligations which rest upon us by virtue of our partnership in the Commonwealth and the United Nations. The Legion shall stand for strong and united Comradeship among members and those who have served, so that neither their rights nor their interests shall be forgotten and that their welfare and that of their dependents, especially the dependents of the disabled, the sick, the aged and the needy, may always be safeguarded.
The Legion shall encourage, promote, engage in or support all forms of national, provincial, municipal or community service or any charitable purpose.

Our Hat Mandate

It has long been a custom at the Legions of Canada, to remove your hat upon entering the canteen. It was reported that this was done as a show of respect for our fallen soldiers. While this is an excellent gesture, it is done today, as in the past, as a matter of etiquette for those in the service of Canada to remove their head wear when entering the mess hall or canteen. Years ago, the Legions of Canada were frequented more by service personnel and veterans than any other group, so the custom prevailed. Many Canadian households observe this custom and the Legions are no different. So when you come to the Legion, we kindly suggest that you remove your hat if possible. If for some reason you wish to wear it, please feel free to do so and make it known to your server or management. Thank you.

We honour the men and women who put their lives on the line for their country and work to ensure Canada never forgets.
— Royal Canadian Legion